Waiting for Winter

With hot weather for mid-November, it doesn’t feel like ski season in the Okanagan right now! We need snow! The fall has been full of great training in a variety of places, including lots of time at home. The BC Ski Team fall camp was in Revelstoke this season, where I started the camp doing hill-bounding intervals up Revelstoke Mountain Resort, followed by a roller ski time-trial part way up Mt. Revelstoke. Smooth roads and tall mountains made for fun volume workouts. After spending time in Revelstoke, I headed back to Kelowna for another week of long hours and midterms! I also raced my first cyclocross race in a couple of years, it was fun to mix it up and do some racing on the bike! I continued training before heading off to Canmore for Frozen Thunder with the Telemark Race Team for a week of early season skiing. The race season kicked off in Canmore with a 10 kilometre skate time-trial. The race marked my second on-snow ski of the season, meaning it was a very challenging race! Frozen Thunder was a great transition from summer and fall roller ski work, directly into on snow work. Before returning home to Kelowna, the team and I also raced the classic sprints. After spending all this time on real skis, it makes me very hungry for some snow at either Nickel Plate or Silver Star.


Rogers Pass Running Cheops BC Ski Team
BC team doing a run in Rogers Pass.


Telemark Race Team Running Little White Okanagan Kelowna
The day after returning from Revelstoke, the Telemark group ran Little White in Kelowna.


Roller Skiing Kelowna Telemark Race Team
Post intensity fall roller skiing in South Kelowna.


Gareth Williams Skiing Skier Running Kelowna Okanagan
Long run with David and Alex in Myra Provincial Park.


Telemark Race Team Cyclocross Gareth Williams
Cyclocross racing at Telemark in October.


Myra-Canyon Kelowna Telemark Race Team Gareth Williams David Walker Alex McDonald Ian Williams
Run with Telemark Race Team on the Myra-Canyon trestles in Kelowna.


Kelowna running kvr Myra-Canyon
Tunnel running in Kelowna on the KVR.


Frozen Thunder Canmore Skiing
The snow snake at Frozen Thunder in Canmore.


Gareth Williams Frozen Thunder Canmore Alberta Skiing Cross Country Canada
Training on the Frozen Thunder loop with a view!

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