Junior World Champs

World Juniors was an amazing experience, not only for racing, but also for me to get a taste of what international racing is all about. The racing started with a 10km skate interval start, where I got a feel for the level of competition, and I finished the race with a 20th place. After this first race I was able to adjust my goals, hoping I could get within the top 12 in the skiathlon. I am pleased to say I achieved my goal and placed 11th! I was sitting near the back of the lead group for the entire portion of the classic race, and was able to pick off a few more positions during the skate portion. Missing the top 10 by only a few seconds was tough, but knowing I was so close was very motivating. The relay was a tough day for the Canadian men, with a 10th place.


A bit further back in the pack at the beginning of the 20km Skiathlon. (Pic. Jenn Jackson)

Canada’s team for World Juniors and U23 Championships this year was amazing, team dynamics were great and everyone was very supportive to one-another. The whole group had excellent performances, and this would not have been a possible without the great race support. It was fun to be apart of such a great team, and it was amazing to have so many of the Canadian athlete’s parents at the race to cheer us all on!

My performances at Worlds this year were good enough to qualify me for World Cup finals at the end of the season in Quebec City. This will be something new for me, and definitely a much higher level of racing that I am used to!


Skiing with Mom and Dad after the first race, 10km skate.


Climbing the largest hill for the first time in the relay.


10km skate – © flyingpointroad.com

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