Spring skiing, National Ski Team, and lots of training…

Looking back on such an exciting season motivates me to work even harder to prepare for the next. Something new for this year will be that I have been selected to be apart of Canada’s National Ski Team, meaning I will have more opportunities to improve as an athlete. For me, that was the most exciting news of the already amazing season.

April consisted of lots of skiing since winter decided it was going to stay around for a while. Telemark offered great spring skiing this season as it was a huge snow year. Not only was the skiing amazing in April, but it was nice to have some time to relax and enjoy other aspects of life other than just racing. I didn’t spend all spring on skis, I also got on the mountain bike a lot more this season than past years. For me, riding is always the most fun part of training!

Fun April skiing at Silver Star.

The first camp of the season for me was at Sovereign Lake for their May re-opening with amazing skiing conditions similar to what it should be like in February…! I also was lucky to participate in the first race of the new season with a fun time-trial at Sovereign Lake thanks to Troy Hudson! (Also a shoutout to Ryan Jackson for joining Telemark for our first camp of the new year!)

Twinning with RJ on a great May crust ski on top of Silver Star.

Nickel Plate also had some great skiing well into the spring which made for lots of long adventures on the crust! The crust skiing is limitless with the mountains that surround Apex Resort.


Skiing to the top of Apex proper, west of Apex Resort.


Soft afternoon crust skiing at Nickel Plate.


May 17th with Greg Kilroy, FRESH SNOW, grooming thanks to Nickel Plate Nordic Club.


I will remember the spring of 2017 as the “never ending winter”. After a bunch of skiing in the Okanagan this spring, I headed to Whistler for some skiing at Whistler Olympic Park. My last day on snow at Sovereign Lake was June 3rd, and Ian Oliphant made a video about it so we can remember this great snow year (and flood year!).


Skiing at Sovereign Lake while filming with Ian Oliphant.


More recently Adam and I headed to Canmore for some testing and training. I got to do a lactate incremental and max test on the roller ski treadmill on our last day . Being in Canmore for just a few days was a good opportunity for me to train with the older NST athletes which is not something I usually get to do!


Treadmill testing in Canmore.


Nice view during a sweet run in Canmore.

It’s been such a fun spring full of riding, skiing and some cool camps. After being in Canmore two weeks ago, I spent an easy week at home before getting ready for Telemark’s Manning Park altitude camp and my first Haig of the season.


Enjoying the Kelowna sun while training hard!


Rest week relaxation with Alex.

One thought on “Spring skiing, National Ski Team, and lots of training…

  1. Félicitations Gareth pour ta sélection sur l’équipe nationale de ski de fond!
    C’est tout un exploit et il y a de quoi être très fier. Tu l’as bien mérité.
    Est-ce que tu as eu des bons résultats aux tests faits à Canmore (lactate incremental and max test on the roller ski treadmill)? Tu dois avoir eu un bon résultat pour ton VO2 Max. Ce sont des tests qui sont tellement difficiles. Bien contente de savoir que tu as survécu à ces tests. Je suis curieuse de savoir comment il est possible de faire ce genre de tests avec des skis à roulettes…
    Profite bien de l’été pour t’entraîner et pour relaxer.

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