Mid-Summer Mindset

Tough to believe that the summer is already half over and that we will be back on snow in less than 3 months…! Training the last few months has been plenty of work, but more importantly it has been a blast. From training in Kelowna, to running in the alpine meadows of Manning Park, and spending more than two weeks up on the Haig glacier, this summer has been full of fun.

The Telemark Team did a 4 day camp prior to the Canada Day weekend in Manning Park. This was a great opportunity to do some long runs along with the fun of camping for a few nights. Staying in the Lightning Lake camp site you have easy access to the whole trail network in Manning Park, along with a 10km roller ski climb to the top of Blackwall Peak.


Team’s campsite.




Feeding Whiskey Jacks post swim in Lighting Lake.


Bird watching while we aren’t training!

On the first day in the team summited Mt. Frosty, followed by a long traverse run in the alpine the following day. The third run was the Skyline loop, and finally we ran to the summit of Third Brother for the last day.


Blackwall Lookout on roller skis.


The most important part of the day…


Following the group while running the Skyline Loop.


Views on the longest run of the week.


After four days of painful runs we headed back to Kelowna with some very sore legs while still feeling great after such a strenuous week. It was nice to be home for a few nights before heading to the Haig Glacier for another camp only four days after Manning.

Haig is always a summer training ritual. This summer I was fortunate enough to go to the glacier twice in the month of July, both with the BC Ski Team. Haig is great for the long hours at altitude, and skiing in July is always a huge advantage come race season!


Haig Glacier in the second week of July.


Gareth Williams Kevin Sandau Haig Glacier
Excited to have Haig staff like Kevin Sandau to train with when he’s not in a groomer making fresh tracks!!


Early morning Haig laps.


Hiking to the glacier in the morning never disappoints.



Coming home from the glacier to a smoky Okanagan Valley was not great for the body so the whole family headed to Vancouver Island for the week. After each long volume block I do recovery intervals which consists of several 45 second efforts running uphill at max speed.


Evening beach walks in Campbell River.


Sunsets on the water near Quadra Island.


After the trip to the island, it was time to get training and prepare for the next camp. After being away for the better part of three weeks it was nice to train and live at home for a little bit. The second trip up to the Haig was with the majority of the Telemark team, and of course my own coach, Adam!


Not a day of cloud the entire second week!


Keeping those 4 hours of skiing on the glacier interesting.


Coach Sandau. 😉


The second time up to the glacier was just as the great as the first, but this time it was fun to have some teammates to keep company! As the summer goes on the skiing on the Haig usually gets worse toward the end, but I thought the snow was great considering it was the end of July.



I am already getting excited about the upcoming race season and feel great about this summer’s training so far. I will be home for the majority of August training at home, Kelowna never disappoints. (as long as the smoke goes away soon!)

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