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A growing challenge as I proceed through the ranks is the affordability of training and racing opportunities. The cost of training camps, travel, coaching and racing all add up. As one progresses in the sport of cross-country skiing the costs increase as they do in other sports at a high-level. This financial barrier is faced by many athletes and is one that I need to address if I am going to proceed to the next level of racing. Despite being on the National Junior Ski Team, the vast majority of my financial costs are self-funded. Given the current state of funding to Cross-Country Canada, athletes are being asked to self-fund. If I am to carry on in this sport and balance training, racing, and education I need to find sources of external financial support.


Seasonal Coast Breakdown:

Gareth Williams 2016/17 Race Expenses
Team Fees
Telemark Winter (September – April) $1,250.00
Telemark Summer (May-August) $200.00
CCBC – BC Ski Team membership $300.00
Licences $120.00
Ski Area Trail Fees $200.00
Training Camps – Spring, Summer, Fall
Camp Fees $2,265.00
Additional travel costs $400.00
Race Events
Provincial Race Events $500.00
NorAm Events $1,500.00
World Junior Trials $1,500.00
Ski Nationals $950.00
World Junior Championships $2,500.00
Living Expenses (living at home thanks Mom & Dad)
Rent $-
Food $-
Skis $2,000.00
Boots $500.00
Poles $600.00
Total Season Expenses $14,785.00