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A growing challenge as I proceed through the ranks is the affordability of training and racing opportunities. The cost of training camps, travel, coaching and racing all add up. As a member of the National Ski Team I am now a nationally carded athlete (funded through the government), but there are still a great number of costs that must come out of my own pocket. As one progresses in the sport of cross-country skiing the costs increase as they do in other sports at a high-level. This financial barrier is faced by many athletes and is one that I need to address if I am going to proceed to the next level of racing. Given the current state of funding to Cross-Country Canada, a great number of athletes are being asked to self-fund. If I am to carry on in this sport and balance training, racing, and education I need to find sources of external financial support.


Seasonal Coast Breakdown:

Gareth Williams 2017/18 Race Expenses
Team Fees
Telemark Winter (September – April) $1,250.00
Telemark Summer (May-August) $200.00
CCBC – BC Ski Team membership $300.00
Licences $120.00
Ski Area Trail Fees $250.00
Training Camps – Spring, Summer, Fall
Camp Fees $4,500.00
Additional travel costs $600.00
Race Events
Provincial Race Events $-
NorAm Events $1,500.00
World Junior Trials $1,600.00
Ski Nationals $2,000.00
U23 World Championships $3,200.00
 European B-tour (BC Team) $2,000.00
Living Expenses (living at home thanks Mom & Dad)
Rent $-
Food $-
Equipment (thanks to Fischer and Swix)
Skis $-
Boots $-
Poles $-
Total Season Expenses $17,520